Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy MLK Day!

Today is a holiday. REGARDLESS of how you feel about it, it is a National Holiday. I always wonder about people who make comments about MLK Day. Do they not see the value of the contribution that Dr. King made? What about his life/legacy isn't worth celebrating? He was a peaceful man. He only wanted equality for his children. He wasn't about putting one race above another; he didn't want to be treated better than white people. He wanted to be treated equally. So...the next time you're around somebody that has a comment/crack on the validity of MLK what I do. Think about their integrity. Think about their TRUE feelings. They are showing.

Now...on to a brighter subject. SAVING MONEY! Who loves ALDI? I DO! You all do know about ALDI, right? There is one in Trussville, but I go to the one on Greensprings. It's a grocery store and it is unlike any that I've ever been in. I first heard of it on a frugal mom blog this spring. The selling point for me was the gallon of milk for $1.99. heard me right. I was sold. Everything there is pretty much cheap. Now, there are no "national brands." Everything is generic. I used to be 100% brand loyal. Then I had 3 growing boys. Goodbye loyalty. Now don't get me wrong; there are a few items that I will NEVER buy generic. Mayo for one. We ONLY eat Bama mayonnaise. And dental floss. I've tried them all, but I will only use Johnson & Johnson waxed mint floss. I like my Sun Silk shampoo. I like my Redken hairspray. I like Purex for my clothes. I like A1 Steak sauce. And we are 100% Heinz ketchup people. We eat Hunt's at Gigi's, but we secretly long for Heinz. I'm sure there are a few other loyalties, but nothing comes to mind now. I'm sure they will later. ANYWAY, everything is bobo (my term for generic). And, you have to pay 25 cents to "rent" a buggy. You get it back. I really don't get it, but that's the rule. Also, the store doesn't have actual shelves. All the food is put out in boxes. It is like shelves, but it is all actually in box/tray deals. No coupons. Of course, there are no coupons for bobo stuff. And no bags/baggers. You can buy bags, or bring your own. And, you either pay cash or debit. They keep the overhead low with all these rules. It works for me!

This spring, Mom and I went just for curiosity sake. Of course, we bought milk and such. We went a few weeks in fact. Then gas skyrocketed. I couldn't justify driving so far for a savings in milk when I was spending the saving in gas. Anyhoo, gas is back down. So yesterday, after church, I felt ALDI calling my name. So I went. Hello, old friend. SO NICE to see you again.

Milk has now gone up, regular is now $2.59 a gallon. Beat that ANYWHERE around here. I got so many other things as well. Strawberries, 99 cents a container. Baby carrots, 99 cents a bag. CEREAL, CHEAP! We go through the cereal. So, I bought 7 boxes. I am now buying the frozen juice concentrate deals. They are 99 cents there. I got lots more, I need to go back over my receipt to get specifics. Today while Griff was eating his feast, I took a few pics of some ALDI finds. Mom and I are going to make it a weekly outing again. If any of my blog pals want to meet and make an event of it, we'd love it! We could probably justify eating Mexican before, you know - we'll be saving so much dough once we get there. :)
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Sue said...

I do miss going because it was CHEAP! I will be going have convinced me. Love Grif's "bed hair"!

Kristin F. said...

I haven't been, but have heard about it. Please take me next time!! I'm all about a bargain :).

Matt said...

I would like to say that some schools that will remain anonymous had school yesterday b/c they don't believe in celebrating MLK

The Buchanan Family said...

I need directions.

codie lee said...

ok... I am all over it! Who teaches the quilting?
Email me what you want me to do.. or I can talk with you Sunday or you can call me.. either way... yah! so excited! i love projects!!!!

cant wait!