Monday, December 29, 2008

What should I do?

I am so over this old blog. I want a fresh start. Here's my dilemma. Should I just try and improve on this one, or should I totally start anew - new blog, new everything? I am torn...I am going to resolve to *try* and do better with posting. So many of you post every day, or several times a day, or at least bi-weekly. But I have to remember that I can't post from my job, I can't leave my job at work - I bring it home EVERY NIGHT and have tons of work to do nightly, I have 3 terrific boys and a good hubby who are all full time jobs, I cook, read to and with my boys, wash clothes, iron 4 shirts or outfits daily, pack snacks and lunches for 4, try to check email, walk, read my Bible, etc. You get it. We're all busy. I'm super busy. So what should I do?

We had a great Christmas. The boys got tons of awesome stuff. We've been playing and reading up a storm. Pics and stories to come. First things first - what should I do about the blog? Drastically overhaul it, or start a new one?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Post #6 special ornament. My mom made this for me in 1981. The year that my brother, precious, precious Chris was born. This was my special ornament. And I loved it. Every year this would be the first ornament that I put on the tree. I am so glad that my mom never said, "No, this doesn't fit my color scheme...we're not putting it up." NEVER. I always put this one up, and Chris always put up his special ornament (Santa in a train). Well, I married and moved out, and this ornament stayed at mom's. She then put it up for me. I longed for it. I wanted in on my tree. But it stayed on Primrose Lane. UNTIL CHRIS ASKED FOR HIS. Yeah, Prodigal Son wanted his train. He whined and made train noises all the way from Louisiana. He'd call mom up and she'd say, "Hello?" and he'd just say "Choo-Chooooooo" in the saddest voice...she knew what he wanted. *FOR THE RECORD, I AM TOTALLY LYING ABOUT THAT PART. IT JUST SOUNDED FUNNY, SO I THOUGHT I'D THROW IT IN. DIDN'T IT IMPROVE THE STORY?* Anyway, you get the point. Chris wanted his ornament. SO HE GOT IT. So you better believe that I got mine. And on my beautiful tree, with all my special, beautiful boys' ornaments, among the beautiful lime and red fillers...there is my mouse, sleeping on a crescent moon, under a quilt. And I love it as much today as I did 27 years ago when my Mom made it for me.

Post #5

The top pic shows our new stockings, and our new stocking holder. We each have the typical stockings that have the stitched/needlepoint pictures on them with our name monogrammed. (see my mom's blog for examples...they are just like the ones hanging on her banisters) BUT, they just don't fit my theme anymore. So now, we each have our *old* stocking hanging on our bedposts. (CUTE!) I got these awesome LIME numbers from Mrs. Ellen, and she monogrammed 1 initial on each. LOVING IT! And, we're done with hanging them on the mantle. Actually, the mantle is full with lit garland, beautiful red and lime ribbon, and about 75 Santas. I've collected Santas since I was in high school, so I have to have somewhere to put them. They all don't fit on the mantle, but they look pretty darn cute all crowded up there. Hopefully I'll post a pic of them tomorrow night. The bottom picture is to show you my wrapping theme this year. ALL GIFTS must be in this paper, or the paper that you can see beside the dining room tree. It's ALL lime, red, and white. And all the gifts have either lime or white tulle or pretty lime, red, and white ribbons. I LOVE THOSE COLORS!

Okay, that's enough for tonight. I'm tired. Oh, but I almost more quick post then it's off to nights. (That's what Griffin says)

Post #4

This ornament says it all... I love my sweet boys.

Post #3

This is a truly terrible picture of the family tree. In fact, it is horrible. I will try and take a better one tomorrow bc it doesn't do this beautiful tree justice. (does it, Mom?) *BTW, my mom loves this tree* It's a 9.5 ft tree and it is covered with special ornaments. Each year, I get the boys each 1 ornament that deals with them, or something they were into that year. So when they get married, I will be able to give them all of their ornaments. What daughter-in-law won't love that?! And a friend of mine at school shared this wonderful idea...if you think the ornaments won't be "in style" or whatever when they are grown-ups, then their wives can do what Selena does. She has a vintage suitcase that she has in a bedroom at her house, it's opened, and inside she has all of her kids childhood ornaments. HOW AWESOME! So, back to my point...each year I get them each an ornament, plus an ornament for me, and one for Shawn. PLUS a family ornament with all of us, our names, the year, etc. IT IS AWESOME! Then the filler ornaments are all lime green and bright red. The top is a big lime and red plaid bow. And...everything in the living room has to match the color theme...from the new stockings this year to the wrapping paper. EVERYTHING is lime and bright red...better picture to come soon I promise.

Post #2

Roll Tide! It's the BAMA tree! I love this 3 ft. wonder. She's located right beside the front door. The pics don't do her can you take a decent picture without the lights screwing up the flash? Notice that she proudly wears NOTHING but Crimson and White. She has lots of crimson balls, and also lots of BAMA ornaments. And...the topper to top all toppers...a houndstooth hat! (What else could it be?) There is also a houndstooth tree skirt (bunched up fabric) and little houndstooth boxes tied with crimson tulle. I know! It's the cutest tree EVER!

Post #1

I promised Christmas pictures and tales. Here's a nice little start. This is the dining room tree. It is a 10ft tree, and it is COVERED in silver, gold, and clear ornaments. This is "the fancy tree." This one is truly beautiful, but it's a pain in the rump t0 decorate and to take down.'s worth it.

A job for you...

I am at school right now, teaching. But I need a favor. If you read my blog, please leave me a comment with your mailing address. Our Christmas cards were delivered last night, and I need to get them in the mail. So, leave your address. Even if you're just a stalker. If you can't leave a comment, then email me your address. is home (it gets everything) (school - filters out a lot)

More to come - Christmas pictures and tales galore!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Here I am...

Hey Peeps.
This one will be short and sweet - Mama's tired.
Yeah, I know it's been a while. Take a walk in my shoes. I'm stressed, I'm tired, you get the picture. I've put up 5 Christmas trees, 2 more to go. Pictures to come soon. I love Christmas.

Bama won - wondermous. ( I made up that word and I like it) I've taken 6 long years of obnoxious CRAP. It's OVER. I SOOOOO wanted to do something along the lines of a. drape the entire school, or at least the 2nd grade hall in crimson, b. give my sweet neighbor at school, (who has really dished it out for 6 years) lotion with crimson ribbons (inside joke) or houndstooth kleenex (they exist - my Mama got me 2 packs) or c. just run my mouth like there is no tomorrow. But you will all be proud to know that I chose to do none of the above. I decided that the ol' "kill em' with kindness" is indeed my route. I couldn't, however resist commenting on the audacity/sheer madness that Tuberville displayed by strutting down the Tiger Walk holding up 7 fingers. What the crap was that? And now - he's gone. I feel sorry for him, until I remember the whole 7 fingers episode, and the fact that he is getting 6 million bucks IN THIRTY DAYS for leaving. Nah - I don't feel sorry for him anymore. I wish that I had the option of walking away from my job for 6 million. Shoot - I'd do it for half. :)

Just wanted to let ya know that we are all alive and well. Our trees are twinkling and beautiful. My boys are great, all 4 of them. I am tired. I am stressed out. I think I'm gonna go to bed. More later...sometime.
ps - PLEASE see the YouTube video of Siran Stacy before the Iron Bowl. Amazing...simply amazing. What class. What an inspiration. THAT is God at work. THAT IS ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROLL TIDE!